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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Interview with Cheri Schmidt

Cheri, thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to answer some questions. 

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

Yes, it was when a couple of stories began to haunt me to the point I HAD to write them down. They just wouldn’t leave me alone. I’ve always had stories playing in my mind, but I was slow in realizing that maybe I should be writing them down until they started niggling at my thoughts persistently.

Tell us your latest news?

I’m finishing up Forever, which is book 3 in the Fateful trilogy.

What is your favorite part of the writing process and also your least favorite?

My favorite part is when I finish writing a book, and my least favorite would be finding typos that I missed.

If you could be any character in fiction, whom would you be?

Hmm, good question. Maybe Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice, or maybe Hermione in Harry Potter, or maybe Arwen in Lord of the Rings....

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

I would definitely need to be able to fly and walk through walls and go invisible.

What is your favorite writing snack?

 I don’t snack much when I’m writing. Weird, I know. But sometimes I crave something sweet and I will usually need to chase that with something salty.

What is the last book you read?

A Time for Love by Lynn Kurland.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

Write for a wide audience and never give up.

Could you share a marketing tip?

The more books you have out, the more books you will sell.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Thanks for taking a chance on me and reading my books!





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