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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Blog

I recently had my blog moved over to my website I decided I wanted to keep that blog focused on YA subjects. Which lead to starting this new blog to post author interviews, and information dealing with writing. I'm not the best at keeping blogs updated, but I will try to be better this time around. I've been working on book three in Keegan's Chronicles, and it's actually moving along quite well so far. (knock on wood) I would be thrilled to have it released before Christmas. I'm itching to work on my next project which will be called Anna she is a character from Keegan's Chronicles that I want to expand on. I'm also in the process of co-writing a YA novel with a new author Nolia McCarty. We are writing a YA witch series. I'm excited about this project because our writing styles compliment each other so well. We actually have the cover ready Anthanasios did a excellent job on it. 


Jennie said...

A book about Anna?!? OMG I can't wait!! :D I love the cover for your new project. It's beautiful!

Julia Crane said...

Jennie, I'm excited I love the character Anna. The more I wrote about her in Conflicted I knew she needed her own book. Thanks for posting and checking out the blog1

Susan Jean Ricci said...

This is a great blog page, Julia. I just put mine up 2 months ago, learning as I go along. (Finally conquered the What the Heck's a Widget scenario, self-conscious giggle...) Great writing here, but I gotta get back to mine! Have fun!

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